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Cosmic Expansion Self Healing


Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health
For Seekers of Light, Truth, and Abundant Living
By Using Accelerated and Enhanced Methods
Developed and presented by Master Healer Richard L. Newell


















The Cosmos is alive and is continually expanding throughout the vast enormity we call space. The COSMOS is able to function in its realm because it is governed by a system of divinely mandated natural laws. It is expanding because one of the fundamental laws, or principles, governing all life forms is to seek expansion and fuller expression. The Universe, in its abundance, is experiencing Cosmic Expansion. Among its numerous life forms, is an extraordinarily clever, gifted, talented, and capable group called Human Beings. Because of their ability to think, reason, and imagine, Humans should be at the forefront of all species in their quest for expanding in harmony with the Cosmos and in more fully expressing themselves.


At the dawn of our civilization several thousands of years ago, the Creator of our Universe separated His children from paradisiacal glory because of their disobedience to certain fundamental laws. One of the consequences of this parental censorship was that of  becoming subject to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disease, degeneration, decline, decay, and death.


Even though physical death became a certainty, Creator maintained a conscious awareness of the needs, wants, and desires of his children. By so doing, He made us subject to all the laws of the Universe governing our existence as living, breathing, conscious Human Beings. He made it possible for us to grow, progress, expand, and express ourselves in such a way that we can attain the full measure of the purpose of our creation. In order for us to achieve our full potential, we must experience the highest state or quality of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health possible under our current circumstances in life, whatever they may be.


From ancient writings dating to the reign of Huangdi, (the ‘Yellow Emperor” of China 2698 to 2598 BC), we find that people are sustained in the best state of health humanly possible, by making and maintaining a harmonious connection with certain energy fields (Qi; Chi, Chee, Equisisos) common to both our Earth, and the Cosmos, as a whole. It is also revealed to us that being closely attuned to and allied with moral concepts, physical exercise, and meditation - effectively boosts the overall effect of aligning ourselves with Cosmic Energy. We may not know exactly when Qi Gong came into existence, but we do know it embraces all the healthful components mentioned above.


For thousands of years Qi Gong has been the mainstay of healthful living for millions of people. In its dual capacity, Qi Gong prevents and heals illness, and trauma of the mind, body, spirit and emotions.


For the general population, Qi Gong practice was the major component of traditional Chinese medicine. Stemming from Qi Gong, its, counterpart, Tai Chi Chuan, evolved and took a starring role in the field of Martial Arts. Because of its divine inception and life-facilitating function, Qi Gong grew to exceed its former station in China, spreading to neighboring countries, and eventually, to the whole world. Much of this happened during the latter half of the twentieth century.


From the time of its origin, to the start of the industrial revolution, Qi Gong performed superbly among mankind. Then something detrimental started happening to the world. Gradually at first, then faster and faster – mankind unleashed the festering canker of toxic pollution upon Mother Earth and all forms of life therein.


In their greed for money and power the Petro-Chemical Industry, Big PHARMA, Agricultural Conglomerates, Manufacturing Facilities, Internal Combustion Engines, Nuclear Power Plants, the ‘War Machines,’ etcetera, add increasingly more pollution to our environment with seemingly no concern about the cumulative toxic effect upon living organisms – including Human beings.


The Dysfunctional Health Care System (Allopathic Medicine) has purposely endangered the lives of billions of people (and their pets and livestock) on a global basis. The Adverse effect of Allopathic Medicine is the Number ONE cause of death for adults in all industrialized countries. Mandatory immunizations account for an alarmingly high rate of developmental and medical disorders among all demographic sectors, BUT ESPECIALLY AMONG CHILDREN.


Toxic wastes combining to contaminate our air, water, food, clothing, household goods, etc., add to degeneration of health and the diminished quality of life. Toxic thoughts – the garbage that goes in and out of our minds – combined with the stresses associated with a fast pace of living – does an incalculable amount of damage to our already precariously fragile and compromised immune systems.


*“The Dysfunctional Health-Care System is run by the High-Tech and Pharmaceutical industries in conjunction with the insurance industry, which organizes the payments made. The hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies dispense the products of the High-Tech and Pharmaceutical industries. Medical doctors are the paid consultants. The government legitimizes the health-care system by allocating additional funds for research and policing the entire system through its agencies (Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, and so forth). The patients are the consumers who are exploited by this system. More patients, more sickness, longer and more complicated sickness equals more and more money distributed to the Dysfunctional Health Care Industry. Is it no wonder then that the banks work together with the bio-tech, chemical, agribusiness, and pharmaceutical industries to achieve this end?” * 

* Excerpted from History of the Dysfunctional Health Care System Published by the New Haven Native American Church and adapted by the Valley of Renewell, LLC.


Qi Gong, as it was given to mankind thousands of years ago, was not designed to compensate for the multiplicity of complications which are challenging healthful living in today’s world. In response to these observations, Richard L. Newell, a very concerned Holistic healer, sought Divine Intervention for possible solutions to this perplexing and mounting dilemma. As a result, Newell received guidance and inspiration in his quest to provide the very best opportunity for his clients to receive an increase in healthful benefits through his ministrations.


Over a span of several years, Divinely Inspired modifications were made to the series of meditative physical exercises which are designed for “healing the self.” In addition to this, changes also took place in the Holistic Techniques used for healing others. In keeping with the Valley of Renewell tradition, the resulting modalities, Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health (CETHH) [pronounced SET ha] and Cosmic Expansion Meditative Exercise (CEME) [pronounced seam] have  flexible, enlightened evolving, formats which allows for improvement and adaptation according to varying physiological, psychological, and sociological requirements.


The word ‘transformational’ is used to acknowledge the many progressive changes which take place on a cellular basis in the lives of those using CETHH as a channel or medium for promoting health, healing, and longevity. Along with THE BRAIN ENRICHMENT SYSTEM, and other adjuncts, Cosmic Expansion Meditative Exercise is the crowning jewel in the Valley of Renewell CETHH lineup of health-promoting resources.


Though designed for use by humans, CETHH is completely adaptable and appropiately applicable for the benefit of ALL life forms. In addition to this, some of CETHH’s beneficial components were conceived, planned and developed for the specific purpose of healing our Mother, - Planet Earth.


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